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Chinese Business Etiquette

Scott D. Seligman

Grand Central Publishing

Hachette Book Group


East-West business is booming as thousands of people flock to China to capitalize on explosive opportunities. But knowing the proper etiquette and the correct protocol - and being aware of cultural differences - is a must. This book provides advice on how to succeed, avoid gaffes, interpret behavior and make a positive impression.


This Amazon bestseller acquaints the reader with important Chinese concepts like mianzi (face), guanxi (connections) and lijie (politeness) and discusses the importance of group-centeredness and reciprocity. It also provides hands-on advice on meeting and greeting people, participating in a business meeting and a Chinese banquet, gift-giving and navigating the Chinese bureaucracy.

There are also two foreign-language editions of Chinese Business Etiquette available: a Korean edition published in 2006 and a Czech version published in 2008. If you wish to order one of these, please click on the appropriate thumbnail image.


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