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Three Tough Chinamen

Scott D. Seligman

Earnshaw Books


At a time when most Chinese in the United States were living in a defensive crouch, Moy Jin Kee (梅振基; 1847-1914), Moy Jin Mun (梅振文; 1851-1936) and Jin Fuey Moy (梅振魁; 1862-1924) were making waves and taking names.

The Moy brothers, late 19th century Chinese immigrants to America, crossed lines and broke barriers. Tough men whose lives were hemmed in by prejudice and restrictive laws, they were scrappy and ambitious, and they were in the U.S. to stay. In an era when Chinese were excluded from America’s shores and most already there kept their heads down, they stood up and spoke out against injustices. They fought for their countrymen and used all means available to get ahead, up to and including committing petty crimes and, in the case of one brother, heinous ones.

Three Tough Chinamen tells stories of outwitting laws that mandated that Chinese accept third-class status if they desired even a small share in the American dream.

The Moy brothers did what they had to do to succeed and prosper, and their tales offer a window into the lives of America’s Chinese at the turn of the 20th century. They tell of navigating obstacles and of culture clash, and of how Western ethics and laws fared among Asian immigrants when they went head to head, as they inevitably had to, against ancient values like clan loyalty, and against personal interests and greed.


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